Swim Lessons

 Call the park office (793-2176) or email chuck@mcmp.org today to register your child for swim lessons taught by our fully trained staff of lifeguards led by our Aquatics Director, Holly Metzler. 

Pool at night

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Swim Lessons –

Learning how to swim is a life-long investment. With each class in our program, the lifeguards here at H.M.P. will strive to teach your child not only how to swim, but also how to feel comfortable in the water and how to be safe and have fun at the same time. We can’t guarantee that your child will learn how to swim by the end of the four day session; however, this is our goal and we hope to at least improve their basic swimming fundamentals and skills.

In order to ensure that we make the best use of the time (1 hour) we have with your child each lesson, we ask that you leave the pool area until the instruction of each lesson is over. This way we can minimize interruptions and have the full attention of our swimmers-to-be. Feel free to watch your child from the fence or your car if you like. The last 15 minutes of each 1 hour and 15 minutes lesson is free time. You will be permitted into the pool area during this time. Also, you are welcome to stay and view your child’s progress during the last swimming lesson of the session.

In addition, the children will not be permitted into the pool area until after the pool closes at 7:00 (evening session is from 7:15-8:30 pm). We need to clear the pool area and prepare for the lessons. We have found that when the children arrive too early and get in the pool, they want to get out when it comes time for the lesson to begin. The children will not be allowed into the water until their instructor begins the lesson.

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Learn-to-Swim Program –This program is a little different than the regular swimming lessons.  Please read the information below

Unfortunately, due to cutbacks in many extracurricular programs, many children do not have the opportunity to learn to swim. We believe every child should have this opportunity not only for recreational reasons but as a crucial life saving skill. As a result, The Park launched its first LEARN-TO-SWIM PROGRAM at the Park’s Hershberger Memorial Pool last year.

Here is how the program works: Each child will be tested by our aquatics director, Holly Metzler and her staff to determine his/her ability level. These are large group lessons and therefore each child will have less individualized attention during these lessons, however there are more of these lessons.  They will then be placed in a group with other children of their skill level. The goal is to make sure every child learns to support themselves from one side to the other with the ultimate hope to teach them a variety of strokes. The program will consist of ten 1-½ hour sessions twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday, for five consecutive weeks starting June 21 through July 21.  Classes begin at 10:00 AM and end at 11:30 AM.   The cost of the program is $45. Applications can be obtained at the Park office or printed and mailed with appropriate payment to MCMP, 201 South Market Street, Martinsburg, PA 16662 .and are being accepted through June 12.

Learn-to-swim Release

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Last year more than 45 children participated in the program. Our goal is to enroll 45+ children this year. We hope to make this program affordable through the generosity of local individuals and businesses. If you would like to sponsor a child/children or would like to make a donation to this very worthy program please contact the Park office.

This program is less than half of the price of swim lessons.  We do this as a service to our community and our commitment to teaching children to swim.   Because of the large group of children that take advantage of this program, the charge to the families taking advantage of this program does not cover the cost of having the program.   If you are a business or individual that, like us, believes in the importance of being able to teach all children to swim and would like to help defray the cost of this program, please contact the park.