Acorn Cove Playground

The Acorn Cove Children’s Play Park was built in 1997. It was built and has been maintained and financially supported by the community of Morrisons Cove. The Play Park, valued at around $100,000 was designed by Tom Rockwell based on suggestions from the Spring Cove School District Elementary students. It is a community play park available to all children primarily under the age of 12.

The Play Park is a huge castle like structure made of wood that has a wide variety of activities within the structure that all children can enjoy. There are plenty of swings to swing on and monkey bars to hang on. Children can get to the top of the castle by a number of ways.

Park Acorn Cove 2
They can use the hidden staircases that are placed strategically throughout the castle or the chained linked climbing nets that will take them to the top as fast as they can climb. After running through the castle and across the swinging bridge, they can slide safely back down to the ground on one of the three slides that the structure has. After defeating the castle, there are still many adventures they can take in the sand box, digging holes or on the tire swing, circling in the air. The park recently added a handicap swing, so that no child is unable to enjoy themselves at Acorn Cove.

Park Acorn Cove3
There are benches within the castle so that parents can closely watch their children and tables in case you would like to have a picnic or some snacks during your visit. Not far from the structure, there are bathrooms and a soda machine for your convenience. The park is open from dawn until dusk so you will have plenty of time for fun. Also, the Play Park is a non-smoking facility with Young Lungs at Play signs posted to inform patrons.

If you have older children or younger ones that would like to play basketball or tennis, we have courts located behind the Hershberger Memorial Pool (beside the Martinsburg Elementary school). There is plenty to do for children of any age at The Morrisons Cove Memorial Park.

Please come and enjoy Acorn Cove’s Playground for you and your families’ recreational and adventure needs!!!!